I am teaching young adults, in addition to my adult students. They are a different audience. There’s a lot of handholding involved. They are still minors, technically speaking, and the classroom teacher has an important role to play.

They’re Gen-Z kids and are digital natives. Because they’re the best and brightest, they’re very competitive and grade conscious too. Sadly, there’s too much focus on grades than learning, or than being a good person. It’s all about getting high grades and receiving awards. It’s their context.

On day one, I told them about skills + attitude. I said that I’m certain that all of them have the skills to succeed. They wouldn’t have passed the school’s difficult screening process without these skills. I said that when I hire staff, I always choose someone with the right attitude.

What’s the right attitude? Having led teams in the past, I said I go for people who know how to work hard; are open to being corrected; can lead and follow; are collaborative; can think critically; are can do; take pride in the quality of their work; and are kind to others.

Is it even possible to have all these qualities?, they ask. And I said yes, it is. And I said, you can reorient your attitudes and develop your weak points, especially since you have a long way to go. 😊




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